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Tutorial 1a. Logging In

Tutorial 1b. Forgot Username or Password

Tutorial 2. First Time Login Procedures Tutorial

Tutorial 3. Intro to Activities Dashboard

Tutorial 4a. Launching an Exercise from Daily Tasks

Tutorial 4b. Launching an Exercise from Exercises Bank

Tutorial 4c. Skipping Exercises

Tutorial 5a. Launching Tests from Daily Tasks

Tutorial 5b. Launching a Test from Tests Bank

Tutorial 6a. Launching Lessons from Daily Tasks

Tutorial 6b. Launching Lessons from Lesson Bank

Tutorial 7. The Records Dashboard

Tutorial 8. Health Diary

Tutorial 8a. My Health Profile

Tutorial 8b. New and Previous Diary Entries

Tutorial 8c. Take a Photo or Video

Tutorial 8d. Record a Health Event

Tutorial 8e. COPD Action Plan

Tutorial 9. Settings Menu