A remote monitoring platform for healthy living

Instantly access standardized client data to inform your care plans, simplify documentation, and easily create population health reports.

Guided Personalized Exercise Programs

Assign personalized exercises to meet your clients needs at home.

Client Education

Interactive education modules with knowledge check-ins to measure learning, with a focus on lung impairments (including COPD), fall risk, & other conditons.

Remote Monitoring

Our simple platform enables clients to complete assigned evidence-based assessments, home exercise routines, and education modules in the home.

Client Outcomes Dashboard

Data is captured & standardized for easy documentation and to inform changes in the care plan.

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How It Works

The Health in Motion Platform is the combination of a downloadable app & web based administrative dashboard. It contains digital translations of standardized & evidence-based tests, exercises, & educational modules.

Care Team Assigns Activities

Care team assigns activities (exercises, tests, lessons, action plans, and more) for your client to perform at home.

Client Completes Activities

All assessments are evidence-based and exercises are based on clinical practice guidelines (OTAGO, Tai Chi, etc.)

Data Informs Care

Data is sent directly back to your account to inform care & create population health reports.

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App Features

Goal Tracking

Clients can set up goal tracking via individualized diary.

Medication Management

Record medication adherence through in-app reminders.

Bluetooth Integration

Track HR with paired Bluetooth devices.

Progress Reports

Clients can see their own progression over time.

Feature Highlight

COPD Action Plan

Daily Action Plan personalized for clients with COPD or lung impairments. Empower your clients to manage their lung health and track changes that may be due to COVID-19. Actions ensure they stay on track.

Feature Highlight

Fall Prevention

The comprehensive fall prevention program including scheduled standardized assessments, personalized Otago Fall Prevention Programs, and progress tracking graphs empowers your clients to keep track of their fall risk and adhere to their program. Outcomes inform your care plan which are easily updated using the web-based dashboard.


How does this help with reimbursement?

Data is collected in a standardized format & report are available to simplify your documentation. Self report assessments can be assigned monthly for standardized documentation of outcomes.

Which platforms does it work on?


Android (phone & tablet)
iOS (iPhone & iPad)

How does it work with my other software?

Our platform contains an API that can interface with your EHR.  It also works seamlessly with other face-to-face telehealth solutions. 

Is it evidence-based?

Yes! The tests are the exact same tests you use in the clinic.

What type of exercises does it include?





Tai Chi
Otago Balance and Fall Prevention Program

Which tests are included?

6 Minute Walk Test

Timed Up & Go Test

One Leg Stand Test

30 Second Sit to Stand Test

Activities Specific Balance Confidence Scale



Fall Risk Questionnaire

… & many more.

Is the Blue Marble Health platform HIPAA compliant?


How do I get started?

Click on the sign up button and our team will contact you. Please include your timezone & a good time to call.

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