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Health in Motion Fall Risk Assessment & Intervention
Blue Marble Health’s platforms are designed to educate the patient in areas of Fall Risk Assessment & Intervention as well as Cognitive Assessment & Intervention. Each module contains instructions and walks patients through each assessment step-by-step so patients can perform the assessment correctly and so the system can capture their results accurately.

The assessments are digital translations of evidence-based Physical Therapy and Cognitive Therapy tests that have been gamified to be more fun and engaging. Scoring is objective, standardized and presented in a way to help patients understand where their deficit(s) – if any – lie.

Carter, Rusty, Books, Dan and Professor Swan: Ready to challenge your congnitive domains
Armed with their results, patients are empowered to take charge of their rehabilitation program. Patients can use the “canned” versions of our interventions to address their deficit(s), or they can create customized routines.
By printing out their results, or sharing their results electronically, their health care team has objective and standardized data that can help inform their clinical decision-making process. Patients and health care teams can collaborate on and customize a healthcare plan ideally suited for the patient.

CATT – Cognitive Assessment and Training Tool
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