Get Ready to Return to
Life Post COVID 19

Getting back to normal

As the COVID-19 vaccination process ramps up, we will want to get outside and return to certain aspects of our lives pre-COVID-19. Especially for those 65 or over, part of the evaluation process should include an investigation into your balance, strength, and stamina. Tasks like walking around the supermarket that we took for granted may be more challenging than before.

As researchers and technology vendors in the older adult community, Blue Marble Health wants to help older adults transition safely and confidently. For April, we invite you to take a free digital self-assessment that will help you understand your ability to stay independent as you return to your pre-COVID-29 routines.

The assessment battery considers strength, balance, endurance, diet, eyesight, mental health, and medication to calculate a fall risk score. Those who score in the “Typical Fall Risk” category are likely ready to go about their day, same as before. Scores in the “Higher Fall Risk” category suggest you will benefit from a consult with a healthcare professional, to help get you ready to interact with your friends and family safely.

Activation Steps

With the assessments completed

Here is what you can expect:

In-app graphic showing your score(s) compared to norms for your age and gender. You can print out your results, and share them with your care team.

Use the data from evidence-based assessments to determine where your strength, balance, and endurance are. If you are not where you’d like to be, work with your physical therapist and care team to put together a plan that keeps you healthy and independent.

Questions about installation or use?

If you have questions about installation or how to use the app, view the training video.