Improving Healthcare Outcomes, One Player at a Time
  • Over 100 years of clinical expertise

  • Engaging games with evidence based design = Improved outcomes

  • Extend clinical reach: Easy to use in home or clinic

  • Standardized + quantified = actionable data

  • Adherence: know when they did and when they didn't

Welcome to Blue Marble Game Company

Blue Marble develops effective and engaging therapeutic neurogaming software tools that empower patients, and their caregivers, to take charge of their healthcare. Our patient-driven therapies enable providers to extend their clinical reach, focus their treatment plans and reduce the cost of care. Blue Marble Game Co: transforming healthcare delivery through data-driven innovation!

Engaging Patients

Engaging Patients Crystal Chompers

Studies show that patient engagement improves adherence and thus, outcomes. Blue Marble games provide a fun and challenging user experience that engages patients and their caregivers in their therapy. Patients can take standardized and quantifiable data to their providers to aid in the discussion around their therapy.

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Extending Reach

Extend Clinical Reach

Blue Marble enhances therapy with evidence-based tools that easily fit into a care plan. Our Therapeutic Neurogaming Tools extend access to quality, cognitive and gross motor movement therapy throughout the continuum of care. These games provide 24/7 availability in any setting-hospital, clinic, rehab, LTC or home.

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Staying Healthy

Patients that have greater access to therapy tools stay healthier. Healthy patients rely less on health care resources and reduce costs to the system. ACOs that keep their patients engaged and healthy save money and improve their Star Ratings.

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