Improving Healthcare Outcomes, One Player at a Time
  • Over 100 years of clinical expertise

  • Engaging games with evidence based design = Improved outcomes

  • Extend clinical reach: Easy to use in home or clinic

  • Standardized + quantified = actionable data

  • Adherence: know when they did and when they didn't

Welcome to Blue Marble Health

Blue Marble Health Co. developed a software-based platform designed to deliver wellness and rehabilitation activities that educate, empower and facilitate meaningful collaboration between aging adults and their healthcare team. It delivers two evidence-based programs: Fall Risk Assessment and Intervention as well as cognitive health. Developed with the mission to help older adults take charge of their healthcare and for staff to track their populations with meaningful and actionable data, the platform is easy to use and deployable at home or in the clinic. Customizable reporting and analytics enable care teams to identify individuals needing distinct attention and enhance communication between adult children.


Engaging Patients Crystal Chompers

Rehabilitation for fall prevention and cognitive recovery is a daily challenge. While you know it is an important part of recovery and staying healthy; the activities are not always fun. What if there were a system that was easy to use, fun, engaging and helped you communicate with your care team?

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Extend Clinical Reach

As a clinician, you are asked to do more with the same or fewer resources. Developing, monitoring and reporting patient home exercise progress to the patient and their care team is challenging but you love it. In fact, there is nothing that brings more joy and fulfillment in your work than having a positive impact on your patient's lives. But there has to be an easier way than photocopying exercises from workbooks...

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Healthcare Triple Aim, bundled payments, and doing more with your stretched thin resources is the norm. At the same time, your executive management wants you to improve patient outcomes, employee satisfaction and reduce utilization. Are you looking at evidence-based off-the-shelf rehabilitation innovations?..