Improving Healthcare Outcomes, One Player at a Time

Health in Motion


Zoezi Park is the translation of an evidence based falls prevention exercise program that has been shown to reduce falls by 35%. Zoezi Park is designed for players over the age of 65 who wish to avoid falling or for those at risk of falling. Straddling rehabilitation and wellness, the application is fun and easy to use, and provides players with increasingly difficult challenges in a supportive and educational park-like setting.

Delivered on a personal computer for use in the home, senior center, or under the guidance of a clinician, Zoezi Park is designed as an adjunct to physical/occupational/ recreational therapy and can also be used as an independent product. It uses low cost yet sophisticated cameras and sensors to track human gestures. This activity/intervention addresses the needs of healthy older adults who wish to prevent falls; older adults who may have already fallen and wish to improve their balance and strength; and more frail older adults who are at risk for falls.

Zoezi Park is designed to improve adherence with exercise programs through personalized fun and engaging evidence based activities. During use, the player’s performance is recorded and presented in a meaningful way to the individual or healthcare professional. Previously subjective measures are made objective.

When completed, Zoezi Park will have the capability to provide real-time feedback of performance, track progress, and monitor the frequency and duration of client’s participation. Not only will the technology be far less expensive than the current delivery system, it will replicate the original exercise programs without modifications and it will provide objective data to monitor progress.

Merging the science of falls prevention with the cutting-edge technology incorporated into gesture- based video games to replicate and deliver a scientific evidence-based program, Zoezi Park has the potential to have a meaningful and impactful in the healthcare community. Blue Marble is providing in house demos to potential channel partners and interested entities. For more information, go to the Contact section of this web page and drop us a line.

The project described was supported by Grant Number R43AG040873 from the National Institutes of Aging. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH.