Virtual Pulmonary Health

An Assessment, Intervention, and Analytics Tool for Pulmonary Health

A digital program to compliment the 2019 guidelines for pulmonary rehabilitation programs.



Care-providers can use the evidence based standardized assessments to measure changes in function over time & track their clients progress.



With 40+ common pulmonary exercises available, you can build an exercise program to assist your client in maintaining and improving their health.

Warm Ups  & Stretches

Ankle Pumps – Sitting, Back Extension, Chin Tuck, Deep Breathing, Neck Rotation, Trunk Rotation, & more.


Recumbent Bike, Recumben Cross Trainer, Stair Climbing, Treadmill Walking, & Outdoor Walking.

Strength & ROM

Bridging, Chest Press, Hip Strengthening, Overhead Press, Rowing, Shoulder Strengthening, Sit to Stands, & more.


Pulmonary Health Education

Clients can use the self guided lessons to obtain important information about their lung health.  Lessons are available anytime for additional review beyond the class.


The lesson topics are based on recommendations from the 2019 pulmonary rehab guidelines.


Quizzes can be used to identify topics of mastery & areas in need of additional review. 


Clients can use the checklists to ask their care providers for additional information if needed.


Action Plan

Personalize an Action Plan for clients with COPD or lung impairments based on their symptoms. Empower your clients to manage their lung health and track changes that may be due to COVID-19. Actions ensure they stay on track.

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How It Works

The Health in Motion Platform is the combination of a downloadable app & web based administrative dashboard. It contains digital translations of standardized & evidence-based tests, exercises, & educational modules.

Personalized Program Content

Care team assigns exercises, tests, lessons, & action plans for their client to perform at home.

Virtual Pulmonary Health Tracking

Complete in individual or group sessions using available telehealth technology.

Data Informs Care

Measure progress at regularly scheduled intervals to inform care delivery & improve outcomes.


Goal Tracking

Create and track goals with your client in working towards better health. Examples: ‘Walk to the store this week.’ ‘Walk up 2 flights of stairs.’


Exercise Rating Scales

Use exercise rating scales to measure levels of; Exertion, Breathing, Pain, Fatigue, Dizziness, & Oxygen Saturation while exercising. Complete them before and after exercising to measure performance!


Heart Rate Monitoring

Connect your Bluetooth heart rate monitor to view your current heart rate now, and track this information over time.



Share your results with your care provider.