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Health in Motion

Health in Motion

Are you over the age of 60? Do you worry about falling?

Health In Motion’s Zoezi Park and Zen Gardens are evidence based

fall prevention programs that will assess your risk of falls and offer you exercise programs supported by the CDC.

Health in Motion’s science-based exercises have been shown to reduce falls by 35%. It is fun and easy to use, and will provide you with increasingly difficult challenges in a supportive park-like setting. The application will track your progress. You can share your progress with family, friends and healthcare professionals.

Routine_Create2If you or a loved one would benefit from knowing your fall risk and receiving balance exercises, please click the link below to purchase. Remember, never start an exercise program without your physician’s approval. Some of the exercises may challenge your balance, so don’t do any exercises that feel unsafe for you to try. Have a family member or friend near by until you feel safe.

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