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The Breakthrough Digitized Neurocognitive Tool Set



RESET is an application playable on an Android tablet, Windows 7 PC, OS X computer but is optimized for the Samsung PixelSense. The player can play in the school / home / clinic / community center – anywhere they can take a device and have an Internet connection.



Game Play / Use

RESET provides a new approach to evaluating attention, memory, and executive function; addressing the mismatch between the needs and tools of teachers/coaches/ clinicians. Metrics are needed to quantitatively demonstrate that “players” are progressing in their treatments, but many of their tools were designed decades ago and are not as effective in today’s data-driven society. RESET evaluations provide objective outcomes using software designed to help overcome these challenges, by transforming evaluations into games that engage a player’s emotions and interest. Evaluations will be easier and faster to administer, score, and interpret, creating a more efficient system for assessment and treatment.

Who should play

Reset should be used after a recommendation from an evaluator (teacher/ coach/ neuropsychologist/ clinician).  Reset could be used anytime a cognitive assessment is planned.



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