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Blue Marble in the News

Blue Marble Game Co. Ramps up for Holiday Season with its Health in Motion Promotion

November 9,2015

Blue Marble Game Co, with its emphasis on the development of therapeutic neurogaming software, has created Health In Motion, an application that uses Otago and Tai Chi exercise simulation in evidence-based falls prevention exercise programs that have been shown to reduce falls risk by 35%. Now available direct to consumer.

Focused on the Creative Destruction of Healthcare

Forbes  – July 10, 2013

While most of the buzz coming out of E3 concentrated on the new consoles and blockbuster games, I was most interested in a little startup tucked away on the periphery of the Los Angeles Convention center floor that was showing off games to help war veterans rehabilitate upon their return home.

Developers creating apps to treat mental health issues

The Boston Globe – July 8, 2013

Developers are largely focused on making games that engage our ability to be mindful, aware, alert. People with depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, traumatic brain injury, and some elderly people have weaker brain functioning in these areas. Games can test those abilities — and, researchers hope, train the brain to improve at such tasks.

New Video Game Helps Brain-Injury Patients Recover

TechNews Daily  – June 25, 2013

Fun and games have a real-world medical benefit with upcoming iOS game “The Treasure of Bell Island” by California-based studio Blue Marble Game Company. It was designed specifically to help people with mild traumatic brain injury, or injuries caused by bumps or blows to the head that affect the brain but aren’t life-threatening.

Modern Aging: The benefits of neuro gaming, at any age

BeefJack  – June 24, 2013

Blue Marble is a game company specialising in neuro games. One of their games, Zoezi Park, aims to introduce older people aged 65 and over to gaming as a means of preventing injury-inducing falls. Production Manager Jacob Black discussed getting older people involved with ”digital-health” and the process of making neuro games, as well as confirming top secret upcoming work with a UK-based AAA developer.

REHABILITATION 2.0 with Blue Marble Games

Oculus Rift – June 19, 2013

Blue Marble Games develop interactive digital-health-games that provide clinicians with analytics to help them assess their patients in real-time. Their games set out to entertain, engage, educate, and challenge physical and cognitive skills across the majority of mobile platforms including Android and iOs. I caught up with Blue Marble founder and CEO Sheryl Flynn at the Games For Health booth at E3. Sheryl is an advocate of VR and a pioneer in neurogaming.

E3: empresa cria jogos para recuperar soldados feridos

Terra (Portuguese) – June 17, 2013

A Blue Marble Games é uma empresa liderada e idealizada por terapeutas e outros profissionais de saúde que, com uma ajuda financeira do Departamento de Defesa dos EUA, desenvolve jogos que ajudam veteranos de guerra a se recuperarem de ferimentos no campo de batalha. Especialmente os traumas que afetaram o cérebro e assim a capacidade de raciocínio e cognição dos pacientes.

New video games can help people recover from injuries

The Boston Globe – June 10, 2013

Video game developers, engineers, health professionals, and others gathered this week for the eighth annual Games for Health Conference in Boston. The conference, which runs through Thursday, brings together a cross-disciplinary audience of those involved in making video games designed to help players recover from brain injuries, learn developmental skills, or just get in shape.

Blue Marble Game Co. bringing games that heal to E3 2013

GAMENGUIDE – June 10, 2013

All too often you hear about the negative repercussions associated with games, attempts at finally showing a causal link between fictionalized and real world violence. Despite the fact that such a thing has never been proven, the stereotype still persists. But one thing that is documented are various benefits that are the direct result of playing games, like improved hand-eye coordination, stress reduction, improved motor function, and more. What you may not know, is that video games are also used to help people recover from certain debilitating conditions. Blue Marble Game Co., the developer of multiple NeuroGames is bringing a number of games to E3 to be used as treatment for people in such conditions.

Video Game Company Launches Campaign for Senior Care Tech

Senior Housing News – June 10, 2013

Using cameras and sensors to track movement, Zoezi Park, creates a computer-generated avatar that mimics the player onscreen. Users can play from their homes, gym or rehab facility as the video game guides players through activities to improve balance and physical strength while recording data of their progress.

E3 2013 Spotlight: Blue Marble Game Co

Gizmo Porn – June 5, 2013

The development of new health research is changing the world of gaming into a bona fide course of treatment for people with a variety of conditions. Blue Marble Game Co., the developer of multiple NeuroGames, is one of the leaders in this innovative field.

Zoezi Park: Fundraising – June 4, 2013

Blue Marble launches its first crowdfunding campaign to develop an interactive falls prevention video game called Zoezi Park, an initiative facilitated by the Alfred E. Mann Institute at the University of Southern California, Three Two One Productions, and When You Wish.

Let the NeuroGames Begin

Venture Beat – January 17, 2013

The game industry is at the forefront of neurogaming revolution and its impact will be enormous. In addition to creating new avenues of growth in gaming, the industry will also create positive spin off effects in other economic sectors such as healthcare, education, and national defense. Already companies in health space like … Blue Marble Gaming Company and others are creating viable therapeutic neurogames. Advances in these other sectors will in turn influence the entertainment neurogame developer community, creating positive returns for everyone involved.

Not all fun and games, but kind of...

Trojans OT Talk – January 2013

A group of OT students from the University of Southern California visited our booth at the OTAC conference this past October. We were one of a few companies they interviewed at the conference.