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Health in Motion


Health in Motion

Blue Marble Health’s Health in Motion is an evidence-based Fall Risk Assessment and Fall Prevention Program, which utilizes Internet-enabled computers or tablets to instruct patients and collect patient outcomes. Its assessments and activities are based in the CDC’s STEADI1 (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries) program, OTAGO2 Fall Prevention Program, and Tai Chi3.

Typical standard of care requires costly training of a healthcare professional and sending them on-site for patient instruction and follow-up. In order to ensure the patient is properly trained, the clinician must visit multiple times. When patients are remote or in a heavily congest city, travel times for the therapist can be expensive.

Health in Motion’s assessments and exercises are taught and delivered to the patient via an Internet-enabled computer or tablet. Evaluation and training take place when and where the patient is ready for it.

The standardized and objective patient outcome data can be used to:

  • Improve patient outcomes by improving dissemination and exercise adherence
  • Improve clinical workflows
  • Extend clinical reach

Health in Motion is easy to implement and use. Standard default shipping configurations are ready to augment your:

  • Fall Risk/Prevention Programs
  • Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Programs
  • Patient outcomes data analytics models

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Blue Marble seeks provider organizations interested in piloting Health in Motion. Blue Marble will provide:

  • Fall Risk analysis and mitigation suggestions on the first 100 patients.
  • Track 100 CJR patients for 45 days
  • Help in identifying patients at risk for readmission

A recent paper on asychronus telerehabilitation found patient outcomes from those that rehabbed at home vs. those in the clinic to be the same. What is stopping your organization from taking advantage of telerehabilitation?

Health in Motion is a powerful tool that can impact an organization’s bottom line within days of being implemented.  Results from an independent clinical study, performed at the University of Indiana, indicate that Health In Motion  Fall Risk Assessment is “statistically significantly positively correlated with outcomes obtained when performed by a licensed clinician.”4  Healthcare facilities now have tools to extend their clinical reach into the home or after hours at the clinic using the same or fewer resources and as often as is needed per CMS requirements.

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