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Blue Marble Game Co.

Blue Marble Game Co.

Not content with just raising the bar on the quality of rehabilitation and wellness, Blue Marble is changing the whole  landscape of what technology and evidence-based medicine can do together. Our goal is to enhance rehabilitation and wellness by developing digital games that make rehabilitation more engaging and motivating for clients and cost-effective for everyone (clinicians, clients, and health insurance companies).

Since our inception, Blue Marble has been generously funded by the Department of Defense, allowing us to create meaningful games for servicemen and veterans. Now comes our next big endeavor and we will need your help to make it happen.

Zoezi Park is our evidence-based falls prevention program designed for players over the age of 65 who wish to avoid falling or for those at risk of falling. While we are sure this program will have a major impact for those who need it the most, we must complete this endeavor without the help of government funding. This is where you… our family, friends, and followers can help.

When You Wish is a California based company that provides a place online for human aspirations to manifest; connecting people with a passion for helping others to those raising money for worthy goals, charitable needs, and creative ideas. This amazing website allows us to rely on each other over banks and government funding. 

Thank you for taking part. 

Our crowdfunding efforts were made possible by generous assistance from:

The Alfred E. Mann Institute at the University of Southern California,
ThreeTwoOne Productions
When You Wish