Digital Fall Prevention

Assessment, Intervention, & Analytics Tool for Fall Prevention

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Fall Prevention
Exercise Program

We digitally translated the CDC STEADI recommended fall risk assessments, the OTAGO exercise program, & Tai Chi movements so that you can remotely monitor your clients as they reduce their fall risk conveniently in their home while guided by a virtual instructor.


Measure changes in fall risk using the CDC STEADI recommended tests including: Fall Risk Questionnaire, 3 Questions, 30 Second Sit to Stand Test, 4 Stage Balance Test, & the Timed Up & Go.


Schedule self-guided lessons to teach your clients about the importance of exercise, healthy eating, & stress reduction. Lessons can be made available for additional review anytime.


Select from any of the 40+ common balance, arm & leg strengthening, coordination, & aerobic exercises available. Including: Otago Exercise Program, Tai Chi movements, Cardio, & others.


Use your clients data, which is sent directly to your dashboard, to inform home program progressions. Data can be downloaded for further analysis purposes or research.


Goal Tracking

The goal tracker motivates clients to set goals and achieve them as they work towards better health and lower fall risk!

Exercise Symptom Rating Scale

Enable your client to report their pain, exertion, breathlessness, and fatigue using the in-app 1- 10 exercise symptom rating scales. Schedule them to be completed before, during, and after an exercise program.

Bluetooth Heart
Rate Monitoring

If monitoring heart rate is important for you and your client, they can easily connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor that both displays directly on their screen and also sends data directly to your dashboard.

Sharing Capabilities

The in-app sharing feature allows your client to download a pdf of their test results which they can share with you or other members of their care team. These pdfs can also easily be uploaded to an EHR.

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How it works

The Health in Motion Platform is the combination of a downloadable app & web based administrative dashboard. It contains digital translations of standardized & evidence-based tests, exercises, & educational modules.

Personalized Program Content

Assign exercises, tests, & lessons for your client to perform at home.

Virtual Fall Prevention

Complete in individual or group sessions using available telehealth technology.

Data Informs Program

Measure progress at regularly scheduled intervals to inform program delivery & improve outcomes.