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Research Assistance Program

Criteria for approving requests for reduced price access to BMGC products


All of the elements below must be addressed by the applicant:

  • Title & Purpose of the study
  • Names of the study personnel and Vita for the principle investigator
  • Institutional affiliation of study personnel
  • Research Question or Hypothesis
  • Description of the sample to be studied
  • Number of participants in the study
  • BMGC products to be used in the study
  • Number and type of licenses for each product
  • Data collection procedures proposed
  • Data Analysis procedures proposed
  • Duration of the study
  • Expected start and end date of the study
  • Expected start date of participant enrollment
  • Name of the IRB for this study and current status in the IRB approval process
  • Signed “Memo of Understanding” received

The BMGC research team will determine if the elements above meet BMGC standards for research including but not limited to:

  1. The study design is logical and without fatal flaws.
  2. The study design complies with all local and federal regulations.
  3. The study design is approved by an IRB (conditionally approved is ok)
  4. The study content is of interest to BMGC and relevant to furthering the understanding and application of BMGC products.


“Terms of use statement” for external research teams

  1. BMGC offers discounts on products for approved research studies. Discount rates are determined on a case by case basis.
  2. The proposed project should be a non-billable publishable, well-designed research study that will be of interest to others in the field.
  3. Discounts given on BMGC products are one-time discounts for the products and scoring services specified in the original application. Researchers should include in their original application, all of the BMGC licenses and products they expect to need for the project. A new application is required if additional BMGC licenses and products are needed.
  4. The reproduction or translation of BMGC products is prohibited.
  5. The researcher agrees to provide a report of the study results to BMGC and authorizes BMGC, on a royalty-free basis, to publicly cite from the formal report of this research project.
  6. The research team agrees to share the raw data collected with the BMGC products.
  7. As a service BMGC can analyze the data outputs for an additional fee to be negotiated.
  8. Retroactive applications are not honored, and no returns, credits, or exchanges are allowed.


Only complete applications will be reviewed. If your application is approved, we will contact you within fifteen business days of receipt. Any questions should be directed to our contact form. Please put RAP as the first thing in the MESSAGE section.

The “Memo of Understanding” can be downloaded from HERE