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Games Developed with Neuroscience to Help Injured Veterans

Games Developed with Neuroscience to Help Injured Veterans

At Blue Marble Game Co, our games are designed to assist in physical and cognitive therapy and it is important to us that they play like REAL GAMES, not a stodgy therapy tool. We have games for people with issues such as poor memory, planning problems and difficulty with attention.  These games were funded by the Department of Defense to help injured veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mild traumatic brain injuries are becoming all too common.  Often times people who have experienced a brain injury also have impairments in attention, memory and executive function. We hope to aid in the road to recovery by challenging these skills. They can also be of help to anyone who simply struggles in these areas.

The big differentiator for our games come on the back end. Our data tracking allows therapists to see how people are performing on various tasks and help them target their therapy. Similarly we have games that, when combined with the tracking, could potentially replace the pen and paper standardized tests that have been given for the last 100 years without an update. It is an exciting time for cognitive science in this regard. The public versions of these ask people to send their anonymous data to help us build norms. The more people that play, the more it improves our science by increasing the number of data points we receive.

We just published two game updates on iTunes and Google Play that we hope you will check out, CRYSTAL CHOMPERS and TREASURE OF BELL ISLAND.




In CRYSTAL CHOMPERS the player’s mission has brought them to an immense labyrinth where you must gather precious crystals. What was supposed to be an easy assignment, quickly changes when gigantic space eels awaken and want to make to player their next meal!

CRYSTAL CHOMPERS was developed as part of a suite of cognitive games called RESET, aimed at supporting Brain Health. This game focuses on challenging divided attention. We humans all have a finite amount of attentional resources. Adding new tasks that must be handled simultaneously with other tasks, reduces the amount of attention that can be devoted to each individual task. It is a small game with only one pay area and an unlimited increase in difficulty. It was designed to be played in sessions that last under two minutes.

As you play, the task becomes more difficult as the attacking eels increase in number and start  to move faster. There are two modes, a timed and a survival. Timed mode gives you an allotment of time to collect gems and survival mode gives you an unlimited amount of time but you can only get eaten a preset number of times.

The game is a free download with timed mode unlocked. You will get three plays free initially and one per hour added back to a maximum of three, until you buy the game to unlock survival mode and unlimited plays. Unfortunately Apple does not support coupon codes for their in app purchases, but we may be able to do something on the back end if you are interested.



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TREASURE OF BELL ISLAND is a more involved game. It tasks memory, attention and executive function as well as visual perception skills, all through the guise of a survival adventure game. The users go on an exciting treasure hunt while being challenged by gameplay principles based on neuroscience and cognitive therapy. They control of multiple characters, from a die-hard group of explorers, who find themselves stranded on the mysterious and remote Bell Island. As the game progresses, the player will move through a suite of brain-stimulating mini-games to uncover the secrets (and treasures) that Bell Island holds for them. These compelling mini-games challenge the player’s brain, while also tracking their progress.

This is a TABLET only game (iPad or Android) designed for about 10-40 hours of play depending on your skill level. There is currently a free download for this on Android with unlockable content and a paid version on iOS.

Treasure of Bell Island is the commercial version of the neurogame used in this study.



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