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William Hoffmann – Game Designer

William Hoffmann

Since his childhood days in Western Massachusetts, William has absolutely loved video games. Some of his most treasured memories are thanks to game series such as Pokemon, Jak and Daxter, and Kingdom Hearts. Even at a young age, he considered growing up to be a game designer. At the time, the idea was just a half-baked fantasy.

In order to learn what becoming a game designer truly means, William attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, with a double major in Interactive Media and Film Production. Making several game and film projects over the years has been a tough balancing act, but William knows it was worth it in order to receive a unique, creative education. He loves using his filmmaking and storytelling skills to enrich games as an emotional experience. He also loves weaving experimentation into his games, creating something that has never been created before.

William is proud to be a professional game designer for the first time at Blue Marble. He is excited to explore a realm of games that hasn’t been fully developed yet, and to make games that help people, rather than games that take advantage of people. And of course, he enjoys making the games fun!

Aside from making games, William enjoys playing games. Aside from playing games, William enjoys going on drives and hikes. He loves to explore worlds, regardless of whether they are fictional or real.