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We aim to assure a higher standard of quality by adhering to requirements for scientific rigor, stimulating learning and neuroplasticity, and minimizing barriers to play while preserving appeal and a positive user experience when playing our games. Our process of data driven and evidence based game design for rehabilitation builds upon agile game design, transdisciplinary team work and user-centered design to achieve quality standards.

Blue Marble Production TeamOur competitive edge lies in our people. We have the right people, the right skill-set and the right vision to impact healthcare outcomes. Between our CEO and Chief Science Officer and clinical research staff, we have over 75 years of clinical hands-on experience. Not only are they well versed with scientific medical literature, they know how clinics are run and how to apply the evidence based practice in the clinic to make a difference.

Production Team Furthermore they are onsite, full time, at Blue Marble everyday. This allows them to work closely with our development staff. Everyday we ask: are these the questions we want answered? Will these protocols improve outcomes? How do we make the protocols engaging and fun while remaining aligned with evidence based medicine? What technology will we use to keep the activities fun and engaging, while maintaining the correct protocols and achieving the desired healthcare outcomes?

Our clinical and production teams learn from each other everyday. The interaction between the teams is critical to create the right activity vs. outcomes balance.