Improving Healthcare Outcomes, One Player at a Time

About Us

Blue Marble Game Company

What we do

Transforming healthcare delivery through data driven innovation

Our comprehensive and cost-affordable interactive digital-health-game ecosystem improves adherence, is accessible, offers real-time analytics, improves communication across team members, eliminates duplication of services, and offers unbiased reports. This ecosystem is grounded in evidence based medicine and best practices that positively impact healthcare outcomes, resiliency, wellness and quality of life! Our system expands and enhances communication between providers and clients, to manage their care, and to track their progress in an effort to ensure therapeutic interventions are available anytime and anywhere.

Our games entertain, engage, educate, and challenge physical and cognitive skills for people of all ages and abilities. With comprehensive game performance, data tracking, and analytics our games do more than offer players rewarding entertainment; they also directly update medical professionals with their client’s valuable, accurate and detailed human performance metrics. Players can play the games anywhere at any time using a mobile tablet.

What Makes Us Different

  1. Our games are grounded in evidence based medicine.
  2. Human performance metrics are tracked, analyzed, and delivered to supervising clinicians using a secure, comprehensive and scalable database (DeepOcean) in real-time.
  3. Our doctorally trained, in-house clinical research staff has over 75 years of clinical expertise with advanced knowledge in rehabilitation outcomes and video game design.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the premiere disruptive health related digital game design/development studio. Our strategy is to combine the strengths of empirical evidence with entertainment to improve health and wellness. Our goal is to enhance rehabilitation and wellness by developing digital games that make rehabilitation more fun, meaningful, engaging and cost-effective.

Blue Marble’s transdisciplinary team comprised of doctorally trained researchers and clinicians, award winning game designers, artists, sound designers, programmers, producers and highly experienced technical writers are the perfect blend of skills for this endeavor.


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