Improving Healthcare Outcomes, One Player at a Time


Deep Ocean

The Patient Database Solution

deep-ocean-13-graphWith the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, we will see the healthcare industry move from “fee for services model” to “fee for outcomes model.” If you do not measure it, how do you know if there is progress?

Deep Ocean, aggregates human performance data from all of our games, analyzes the information and presents the findings to clinicians via a user-friendly webpage. The data is organized according to cognitive/physical skills challenged for ease of use by medical professionals. The data will be available for export as a pdf or .doc file to be attached to a medical record.

University of Pittsburg Medical Center’s chief information officer Dan Drawbaugh predicts that healthcare is expected to join other industries in turning the massive amounts of data they have stored into intelligent and actionable information. Additionally, Mr. Drawbaugh thinks gaming technologies will become increasingly deployed by clinicians, “not only from an interface perspective but also as a way to manage care and prevent diseases.” Deep Ocean will provide the data and the tools healthcare professionals need to manage the data that will improve their patient’s healthcare outcomes.

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