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Blue Marble Game Co. Ramps up for Holiday Season with its Health in Motion Promotion

Blue Marble Game Co. Ramps up for Holiday Season with its Health in Motion Promotion

Altadena, CA, based healthtech company allows consumers to “Give the Gift of Health” this Holiday Season with its Health In Motion Falls Prevention Program

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Altadena, CA, November 5, 2015: Blue Marble Game Company today announced the launch of its holiday promotion, which enables consumers to directly access gaming software designed to reduce the risk of falling in players aged 65 and over.  Blue Marble Game Co, with its emphasis on the development of therapeutic neurogaming software, has created Health In Motion, an application that uses Otago and Tai Chi exercise simulation in evidence-based falls prevention exercise programs that have been shown to reduce falls risk by 35%. Straddling rehabilitation and wellness, the application is fun and easy to use, and provides players with educational tips and increasingly difficult challenges in a supportive park-like setting. Development of this application was supported by the NIH’s National Institutes on Aging.

“We wanted to get this game into the hands of those who would most benefit from it” said Blue Marble’s CEO, Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD. “What better way than to enable consumers direct access to it at a time of year when finding the perfect gift for a loved one is on the top of everyone’s mind? The over 65 demographic—and their friends and families–are rightly concerned about fall risk and prevention and are surprisingly open to technology and gaming to address this.”

This direct to consumer e-commerce is new for Blue Marble Co., which just recently announced a Department of Defense research grant of nearly one million dollars and is one of the premier disruptive health related digital game design/development studios. The game can be downloaded directly from the Blue Marble website and is currently available for Windows PC or tablet users. The cost to consumers is $39 for a Fall Risk Assessment (FRA) that can let users evaluate their risk for a fall, and $99 for the FRA and one exercise program. Blue Marble is also offering the FRA plus both exercise games in a discounted bundle for $129.

“We are starting with Windows and are currently working to expand our offerings to IOS and Android users” said Flynn. “We did not want this holiday season to come and go without getting this game—at least in Windows format—into the hands of those most at risk of a fall. By the way, this game is both educational and entertaining—and potentially more valuable—than traditional holiday gifts.”

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Information reported in this press release was supported by the National Institutes on Aging of the National Institutes of Health under award number 2R44AG043191-02. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.



Blue Marble Game Co. is a digital game design/development studio that is transforming healthcare delivery through data driven innovation. Our strategy is to combine the strengths of empirical evidence with entertainment to improve health and wellness. Our goal is to enhance rehabilitation and wellness by developing digital games that make rehabilitation more fun, meaningful, engaging and cost-effective. Our comprehensive and cost-affordable interactive digital-health-game ecosystem improves adherence, is accessible, offers real-time analytics, improves communication across team members, eliminates duplication of services, and offers unbiased reports. This ecosystem is grounded in evidence based medicine and best practices that positively impact healthcare outcomes, resiliency, wellness and quality of life! Our system expands and enhances communication between providers and clients, to manage their care, and to track their progress in an effort to ensure therapeutic interventions are available anytime and anywhere.

Our games entertain, engage, educate, and challenge physical and cognitive skills for people of all ages and abilities. With comprehensive game performance, data tracking, and analytics our games do more than offer players rewarding entertainment; they also directly update medical professionals with their client’s valuable, accurate and detailed human performance metrics. Players can play the games anywhere at any time using a mobile tablet.

ABOUT Health In Motion

Health In Motion is the translation of an evidence based falls prevention exercise program that has been shown to reduce falls by 35%. Health In Motion is designed for players over the age of 65 who wish to avoid falling or for those at risk of falling. Straddling rehabilitation and wellness, the application is fun and easy to use, and provides players with education and increasingly difficult challenges in a supportive park-like setting.

Delivered on a personal computer for use in the home, senior center, or under the guidance of a clinician, Health In Motion is designed as an adjunct to physical/occupational/ recreational therapy and can also be used as an independent product. This activity/intervention addresses the needs of healthy older adults who wish to prevent falls; older adults who may have already fallen and wish to improve their balance and strength; and more frail older adults who are at risk for falls.

Health In Motion is designed to improve adherence with exercise programs through personalized fun and engaging evidence based activities. During use, the player’s performance is recorded and presented in a meaningful way to the individual or healthcare professional. Previously subjective measures are made objective.

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