Improving Healthcare Outcomes, One Player at a Time


As a clinician, you are asked to do more with the same or fewer resources. Developing, monitoring and reporting patient home exercise progress to the patient’s and care team is challenging but you love it. In fact, there is nothing that brings more joy and fulfillment in your work than having a positive impact on your patient’s lives.

What if you could create, monitor and modify patient home healthcare programs between patient visits? What if your home exercise programs produced actionable data that helped inform your clinical decision-making process? What if you home exercise programs produced easy-to-understand outcomes you could share with your patient and their families?

Blue Marble Health’s software-based platform designed to deliver wellness and rehabilitation activities that educate, empower and facilitate meaningful collaboration between patients and their healthcare team. The applications are evidence based and engaging. Patients enjoy their rehabilitation exercises, and their performance output is objective and standardized providing meaningful and helpful input to the patient’s health care team’s clinical decision-making process.

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